Disability, Access to Justice and Accessible Legal Information

Professor Rosie Harding (Birmingham, UK) explores the potential of using ‘easy read’ accessible legal information to improve access.

In this talk, Professor Rosie Harding will draw on qualitative empirical research interviews with disabled people, supporters, and health and social care professionals on their experiences of supporting everyday legally relevant decisions. She will combine these insights with reflections from experience of translating legal information into accessible formats as part of a practical follow-on intervention.

Professor Harding will argue that greater access to easy read legal information would help improve access to justice for intellectually disabled people. It would also support the implementation of the right to enjoy legal capacity on an equal basis to others (Article 12 CRPD) by shifting emphasis away from the disabled person’s ability to understand complex legal information onto the importance of accessible communication by legal professionals.

Wednesday 29th March, 2023, 6pm - 7pm
Australian Centre for Justice Innovation and The Castan Centre for Human rights

Event Time Table

Wednesday 29th March, 2023
6pm - 7pm
Hybrid - online and in person.
Monash University Law Chambers
555 Lonsdale Street