Disability Justice Webinar #CRIPTHEVOTE

People with disability are subject to multiple forms of oppression and exclusion. For this reason. disability justice needs to be at the core of all our work across our movements. This includes the changes we are making in the outside world but also the way in which we do our social change work.

Movements led by people with disability have secured changes in the policy landscape both here in Australia and around the world. This webinar will take the form of a conversation between two leading activists in the disability justice movement.

Join Alice Wong and Pauline Vetuna for a wide ranging discussion around disability justice including community organising to build political power, online organising and campaigning led by affected communities, and the role of leadership and allyship across the movement.

Please note that the webinar will be fully live-captioned.

Friday 30th April, 2021, 11am - 12pm
Australian Progress

Event Time Table

Friday 30th April, 2021
11am - 12pm