Very Special Kids Presents: Demystifying Grief and Loss

Are you looking for an opportunity to understand grief and loss?⁠

Have you ever wanted to know more about what to say and what to do when someone is experiencing grief and loss?⁠

You might have heard of the five stages of grief, but would you like to understand the latest theories about grief and loss?⁠

Then come along to our demystifying loss and grief workshop where you’ll learn about all of these topics and:⁠

-Defining grief, trauma, and primary and secondary losses⁠
-Common misunderstandings⁠
-Contemporary approaches ⁠
-Practical tips to support someone experiencing grief and loss⁠

Register here:

Monday 25th October, 2021, 10am-12pm
Genetic Support Network of Victoria
Kari Klein
Monday 25th October, 2021

Event Time Table

Monday 25th October, 2021
Zoom link will be provided upon registration