Youth Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights Report Launch

This webinar will launch a set of resources and a report made in co-design with Young Women, Girls, Feminine Identifying and Non-Binary people with disability which was initiated following WWDA’s original survey into sexual and reproductive rights awareness and knowledge.

The report examines the survey findings and brings awareness to the current experiences of young women and gender-diverse people with disability. The resources are created to empower young people with disability to learn more about their rights and where they can find support.

Speakers include  host, Akii Ngo, Bonney Corbin, Georgia Scott, Margherita Dall’Occo-Vaccaro and Luna Rybak

Tuesday 8th November, 2022, 1pm - 2:30pm
Women with Disability Australia (WDA)

Event Time Table

Tuesday 8th November, 2022
1pm - 2:30pm