Private: Inclusive Education: processes and perspectives

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Module 1: Why Integrate?

1.4 Module Reflections

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Summary of the video

Ludmilla, as a parent of a student with a disability asks the question, “Why integrate?” Or should it be, “Why segregate?”  She presents the overwhelming evidence from experts that of the benefits of integration – not only for students with disabilities but also for students without disabilities.

“Start by separating the student from the disability. Teach the student not the disability.”

She talks about the structures and systems that have been set up in society that are based on the needs of the economy rather than the needs of children.

“Segregation is like sentencing a child, with no hope of parole”. 

Ludmilla also speaks of the importance of social and vocational independence, dignity and respect.  She talks about the concept of teachers and parents “Letting go”.  For teacher letting go of fears of being able to teach students with disabilities. For parents letting go of fears of what your child with a disability is capable of achieving. Letting go is very hard, but children need to be allowed the dignity of taking risks.

“Only when children in schools are exposed to students with disabilities as friends and fellow students will attitudes begin to be more positive.”