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VALID and Women with Disabilities Victoria
Media Release
Tuesday 4th August, 2020
Victorian disability advocacy organisations are calling on the Commonwealth and State Governments to give urgent priority to protecting people with disability from the grave risks of a COVID-19 outbreak, including
Luke Michael
Pro Bono News
Wednesday 5th August, 2020
Disability groups say a holistic plan is urgently needed to protect Victorians with disability during the state’s extended lockdown period, and prevent a deadly outbreak from occurring in group homes.
Tricia Malowney
The Guardian
Thursday 1st January, 1970
In my state, Victoria, plans to return to the office have been foiled by a second wave of Covid-19. While the circumstances in Melbourne are extremely difficult, I must admit
Luke Michael
Pro Bono News
Monday 27th July, 2020
or Ronelle – who has two children with disability who attend mainstream schools in rural Victoria – the move to remote learning has highlighted the inequality in Australia’s school system.
Caitlin Cassidy
The Age
Friday 24th July, 2020
New rules on wearing face masks have caused particular issues for deaf people and those who are hard of hearing, prompting calls for patience.  Deaf Victoria and the Disability Advocacy
Luke Michael
Pro Bono News
Friday 17th July, 2020
Australia’s COVID-19 response needs a stronger focus on the structural problems that were prevalent pre-pandemic to ensure vulnerable people aren’t left behind, experts say.
Luke Michael
Pro Bono News
Wednesday 15th July, 2020
Disability advocates are concerned by the Victorian government’s plan to allow students with disability to return to school, with fears this will put vulnerable children in greater danger of contracting
Jacinta Parsons
Afternoons, ABC Radio Melbourne
Tuesday 14th July, 2020
John McKenna is passionate about hearing and sharing the stories of others and their experience of disability. During the coronavirus pandemic he’s put his skills to creating a podcast which explores
Zoe Daniel
RN Drive
Monday 6th July, 2020
Some residents say it's taking too long to receive food and medicine, and that communication from authorities has been poor. Disability groups say they're worried that people in the nine towers
Carol Rääbus
ABC Life
Thursday 18th June, 2020
Lockdown is over and for lots of us life is returning to some sort of "normal". But for many Australians living with a chronic illness or disability, social isolation is still
Luke Michael
Pro Bono News
Wednesday 10th June, 2020
People with disability are facing financial hardship and going days without food during the COVID-19 pandemic, new research reveals.  A survey from People with Disability Australia (PWDA) found that nine
Helen Dickinson, Sophie Yates
Children and Young People with Disability Australia
Friday 29th May, 2020
The main message of this report is that urgent action is needed to attend to the many inequities that people with disability and their families and carers face on a