Attitudes Matter: Community attitudes toward people with disability in Australia

About this session

Attitudes are linked to disability-based discrimination and social exclusion, which in turn impact the health and wellbeing of people with disability. The Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health recently conducted the first national survey of community attitudes toward people with disability.

The survey, co-designed with people with disability, examined how people in Australia understand disability and their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours toward people with disability in a range of settings including education and employment.

In this session, one of the authors of the study, Dr Georgina Sutherland will discuss the findings of the survey and what they tell us about where we need to focus future effort across individual, organisational and structural levels of society.

This webinar is part of the Advocacy Sector Conversations forum series which provides in depth expert knowledge on topical issues which directly impact on the practice of disability advocacy.

Tuesday 1st March, 2022, 11am - 12pm
Natasha Brake
03 9639 5807
ASC forum

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Tuesday 1st March, 2022
11am - 12pm