Australian Universal Design Conference

Universal design is a process of thinking and designing inclusively, whether it is a house, website, product, service, or a learning program. Universal design is itself explained in a diversity of ways across the world: “design-for-all” and “inclusive design” are other terms used. Designing universally means being inclusive of a diverse population. It is a process that enables everyone to participate in social and economic life regardless of age, background or level of capability.

This year’s theme provides opportunity for anyone working with or researching universal design and inclusive practice to contribute to this growing body of work. This conference comes with a promise to broaden delegates’ thinking about the many ways universal design can be utilised and applied.

Monday 17th May, 2021
Centre for Universal Design Australia (CUDA)

Event Time Table

Monday 17th May, 2021 - Tuesday 18th May, 2021
Victoria Pavilion, Melbourne Showgrounds