Behaviour and Conflict Management

Working with clients can be enormously rewarding and enormously challenging at the same time. Understanding human behaviour and how to communicate is often the key to ensuring that we maintain safe and productive working relationships. This two-part interactive webinar will provide you with deeper insight into:

  •  Emotional intelligence and how this can be strengthened
  • How to influence effectively through identification of a person’s communication style
  • The value of clear communication when addressing concerns
  • Responding appropriately to conflict, through the lens of the Escalation Cycle
  • Assessing the severity of conflict and responding accordingly
  • Physical danger and safety zones when engaging aggressive clients

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Wednesday 30th March, 2022 - Tuesday 5th April, 2022
DEA Training

Event Time Table

Wednesday 30th March, 2022
Online via Zoom: Part 1
Tuesday 5th April, 2022
Online via Zoom: Part 2