Counselling and advocacy support for the Disability Royal Commission

This webinar  is part of the Advocacy Sector Conversations Forum series.

The presenters are Dr Cathy Kezelman, Blue Knot Foundation and Mary Mallett, Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA).

About this webinar

The important work of the Disability Royal Commission is bringing to light the deeply rooted systemic abuse facing people with disability. As we have heard, the abuse is happening in all areas of life – in the home, in education and employment settings, and within the health and services systems. Almost more confronting than the abuse itself is the apparent indifference of people in power and the general public more broadly who have allowed the abuse to continue. Despite lifetimes of not being heard, people with disability are being asked to step up and tell their stories in the hope that this time they will be believed and that things will change. To do this, people with disability need support.

Dr Cathy Kezelman, President at Blue Knot Foundation and Mary Mallett, CEO of  Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA)  talk about counselling,support and referral pathways and where advocacy fits into this crucial work.

Tuesday 2nd March, 2021, 1:00 - 2:00pm
Natasha Brake
03 9639 5807
ASC forum

Event Time Table

Tuesday 2nd March, 2021
1:00 - 2:00pm