Defend our NDIS community rallies

Rallies are being held right across the country. It’s time to make some noise in the lead up to the upcoming federal election and show our politicians that NDIS repair is an issue Australians will absolutely be voting on.

Together we all have enormous political power! The more people we have at these events, the harder it will be for our political leaders to ignore us.

Cuts to our NDIS are having a huge impact on people with disability right across the country. Every day new stories emerge from people who have had their NDIS funding slashed – without explanation, leaving them without the support they need to get on with their lives.

This is not the NDIS we fought for.

Monday 4th April, 2022 - Thursday 7th April, 2022, 11am - 12pm, 11am - 12pm
Every Australian Counts

Event Time Table

Monday 4th April, 2022
11am - 12pm
Victoria Regional
Thursday 7th April, 2022
11am - 12pm
Victoria Metro