Workplace equality: Reasonable adjustments for people with disability

Everyone has the right to participate equally at work. For some people, this requires adjustments to perform the requirements of their role. This session explores what the law says about reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities in the workplace, what should employers provide, and what is reasonable in the circumstances. The session considers preventative measures as well as responses to request for adjustments.

The session is designed for employees as rights holders, as well as managers and employers to better understand their duties.  This session will be delivered as a webinar. It will be an interactive session that will include a presentation followed by Q and A.

Session objectives:

  • To help clarify workplace rights & duties under the Equal Opportunity Act (2010) Vic in relation to reasonable adjustments for people disabilities, including chronic illnesses and invisible disabilities
  • consider best practice approaches to making and granting, where possible, requests for reasonable adjustments
Wednesday 24th May, 2023 - Wednesday 13th September, 2023, 12:00 - 1:30pm, 12:00 - 1:30pm
Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission

Event Time Table

Wednesday 24th May, 2023
12:00 - 1:30pm
Wednesday 13th September, 2023
12:00 - 1:30pm