Housing & Home: National Disability Home & Living Conference

Over 2 days, expert speakers, practice examples (and a comedian) will unpack NDIA policy and practice and showcase how to design successful housing and support outcomes.

DAY 1: SDA: Building Solutions

SDA is a rapidly changing landscape from eligibility to operations, from feasibility to delivery with big implications for every decision. Participants, partners, providers, developers, financiers and family will highlight what’s working and what’s not.

DAY 2: Designing Support Services

Housing support is changing scarily fast in SIL, ILO et al. From the participant to the partner, from the frontline to the Board, explore the who, what and how of addressing the tensions between funding limitations and stakeholder needs.

Tuesday 7th December, 2021 - Wednesday 8th December, 2021, 11am - 3pm, 11am - 3pm

Event Time Table

Tuesday 7th December, 2021
11am - 3pm
Wednesday 8th December, 2021
11am - 3pm