Inclusion in early childhood Webinar Series

This series of webinars focuses on inclusion in early childhood. The aim is to help build confidence in families, caregivers and communities of young children, to advocate for everyday inclusion.

The series includes 6 webinars, running multiple sessions of each, during May to October. The topics are:

  1. Inclusion in early childhood – when and where do we start?
  2. Early intervention and inclusion – can we do both?
  3. Tips for inclusion – what are easy things to start with?
  4. Where can we get help? The basics of information etc
  5. What does school ready mean? What to ignore and what to do
  6. Inclusion. How do I do that? Suggestions and examples
Wednesday 13th July, 2022, multiple sessions

Event Time Table

Wednesday 13th July, 2022 - Tuesday 11th October, 2022
multiple sessions