NFP Networking lunch: Embracing Tech for Increased Efficiency

This FREE networking opportunity is for those who serve on Boards, or report to them, providing an environment that fosters connection, collaboration and inspiration.

Technology is changing at breakneck speed – new ways of harnessing tech for greater efficiency are emerging every day. And the last few years have shown us many ways we can work quicker, easier and smarter by embracing technology within our organisations.

So what does your organisation do to make the most out of technology?
How have you used tech to improve systems and processes and help achieve better results?

Thursday 9th February, 2023, 12pm - 1 pm (
Megan J Buntine Consulting Services
Megan Buntine
Thursday 9th February, 2023

Event Time Table

Thursday 9th February, 2023
12pm - 1 pm (