Protest rally against Victoria’s so-called “gag law”

VALID is proud to be co-organising a protest rally against Victoria’s so-called “gag law”. This is a provision of the VCAT Act which makes it unlawful for anyone subject to a guardianship or administration order to speak publicly about their experiences.

We’re calling on Victoria’s Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes to “Break the Silence” and do the right thing by changing this law, so people subject to guardianship or administration can speak for themselves about what they’re going through. Our calls have so far fallen on deaf ears.

Please join us at this rally, on Thursday 8 February at 11.00am on the steps of Parliament House, in Spring St in Melbourne CBD. We plan to have some great speakers and we’ll ask everyone there to “make some noise” – hopefully loud enough that those inside Parliament will hear the voices of people with disabilities loud and clear.

Thursday 8th February, 2024, 11am

Event Time Table

Thursday 8th February, 2024
Steps of Parliament House, in Spring St in Melbourne CBD.