Public hearing 30: Guardianship, substituted and supported decision making

Public hearings are formal proceedings in which witnesses give evidence, under oath or affirmation, about events and issues that are relevant to the Disability Royal Commission’s terms of reference.  The hearing will:

  • listen to the experiences of people with disability who have been under guardianship or financial administration orders
  • examine the assumptions about a person’s ability to make decisions, and how this can change at different times in their life
  • explore the barriers for people with disability participating in guardianship and administration proceedings and the impact of the decisions on their lives
  • consider why substituted decision-making (such as guardianship and financial administration) appears not to be used as a last resort, and why models of supported decision-making are not more widely used
  • examine supported decision-making models for people with disability
  • consider ways to reduce violence, neglect and exploitation of people with disability in the context of both substituted and supported decision-making.

All public hearings of the Royal Commission are recorded and streamed live on the Royal Commission website. Every public hearing will have live captioning and Auslan-English interpreters.
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Monday 21st November, 2022

Event Time Table

Monday 21st November, 2022 - Friday 25th November, 2022
Novotel Sydney Olympic Park,
11A Olympic Blvd,
Sydney Olympic Park –