Seen and Heard project workshops

Free workshops for the deafblind community and their support network focussing on assistive technology and services.

This program is national and workshops are running all over Australia until June 2023. At its core, this program is all about connection – human connection.  This successful program has been running for over a year now, upskilling deafblind communities, improving mental health and helping professionals to understand and to work better with their own deafblind clients.

register by email and include:

  • Name
  • preferred contact method
  • Preferred language
  • the state you live in

Text description of poster:
Deafblind Australia presents Seen and Heard project. Register now. Deafblind Australia have been granted funding to hold free technology-based workshops in Victoria and Tasmania for the deafblind community. These workshops are an opportunity to learn and engage with experts in assistive technology for the deafblind community. Our events are open to anyone who is deaf, blind or deafblind, and anyone supporting or working with our community. To register your interest in attendance, please email [email protected] with your first name and surname, your best type of contact like text or email or phone call, your preferred language and the state you live in.
Image description on poster:

On the poster, the background is a mixture of purples and blues. In the top left hand corner, there is an image of the Deafblind Australia logo. Underneath the DBA logo is a young girl with black hair looking through binoculars. In the top right corner there is a bald man wearing glasses, he has his hand cupped to his ear symbolising a listening action. There is white text in the middle of the page saying Seen and Heard. Underneath is the information on the workshops and how to register (also written above).

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