Specialist Disability Accommodation Tenant Forum

Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance supported by the Julia Farr McLeod Fund is holding a series of forums for people living in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) apartments with on-site support (OOS). These will be held in Melbourne in person on the 14th of November At Metropol 4 at Crown, with morning and afternoon Zoom forums on the 17th of November. Similar forums will be run in Adelaide and Perth.

People interested in attending the Melbourne Forum, or simply wanting to hear more about it should contact Penny Paul, 0409 600 649 or email  at [email protected]

Tuesday 14th November, 2023
Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance
Penny Paul
0409 600 649
Sector Forum

Event Time Table

Tuesday 14th November, 2023
Metropol Crown