Voice at the Table – Inclusive Meeting Training

Voice at the Table (VATT) are offering FREE inclusive meeting training that has been developed with and presented by skilled and trained people with a cognitive disability.

Who are the inclusive meetings training for?

Staff working for organisations who strive to ensure people with cognitive disabilities have a genuine say. For example, committee members, support staff, people organizing consultations and front of office staff.

What do you learn?

  • Why inclusive practice is important.
  • To identify and understand the barriers to participation for people with cognitive disabilities.
  • Ways to make your meetings welcoming.
  • Skills and techniques for getting people with cognitive disabilities to open up and speak confidently.

How is our training delivered?

  • Online or in person. In person for 2023.
  • Training is co-designed and co-facilitated by people with cognitive disability in line with the VATT motto, ‘Nothing about us without us’.
  • Using plain and easy English.

How long and when is the training?  3 hours at Ross House.

  • Thursday, November 16, 12.30 pm-3.30 pm
  • Wednesday, November 29, 1.00 pm-4.00 pm
  • Wednesday, December 13, 12.30 pm-3.30 pm

What is the cost?

  • Training is FREE!  VATT is funded by the Department of Social Services.
Thursday 16th November, 2023 - Wednesday 13th December, 2023, 12.30 - 3.30pm, 1 - 4pm, 12.30 - 3.30pm
Voice at the Table
Peter Whelan, VATT Inclusion Team Leader
0493 701 954
Workshop Seminar

Event Time Table

Thursday 16th November, 2023
12.30 - 3.30pm
Ross House
Wednesday 29th November, 2023
1 - 4pm
Ross House
Wednesday 13th December, 2023
12.30 - 3.30pm
Ross House