People who acquire a disability after the age of 65, or are over 65 when the NDIS rolls out in their area are not eligible for the NDIS. These people are instead expected to access the support they need through the aged care system, through a gateway called My Aged Care, however, many people with disability have had no interaction with the aged care system and are largely unaware of how it operates.

There has been a huge investment into providing information resources about the NDIS, but information about how My Aged Care will relate to the specialist support needs of people with disability over the age of 65 is virtually non-existent.

“My Aged Scare” was created to bridge the information vacuum and provide a campaign platform to lobby government, service providers and disability advocacy groups, highlighting the difficulties faced by people with Disabilities using My Aged Care.

Lori Grovenor decided that more needed to be done to meet the needs of people with a disability who were over the age of 65. He gathered a group of supporters to start a campaign to lobby government, highlighting the difficulties experienced by people with disabilities using My Aged Care.

This My Aged Scare website hopes to be a useful source of information that can then be disseminated to people with Disabilities over the age of 65 years so they might better understand My Aged Care, and seek improvement in the current poor situation.