SWAA is committed to the defence and promotion of the rights and interests of people with all types of disabilities & of all ages, including people with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and neurological disorders.

SWAA tries to help people with disabilities to speak up for what they want and need and to get a fair deal. Sometimes people just need information, sometimes people need help to get the services they need, and sometimes people need help to sort out problems and exercise their rights. SWAA’s advocates can provide people with helpful information in a broad range of areas and, if we don’t have the information you’re looking for, we will try to find it for you or refer you onto another organisation that can help. We can also provide people with disabilities & their families with ongoing support to enable them to advocate for themselves and in some cases we can act as your representative, advocating under your instructions and on your behalf.

SWAA can provide information and advocacy assistance in relation to any issue. Some of the most common issues that we provide assistance with include –

In addition to providing information, referral and advocacy casework for individuals and families, SWAA also engages in systemic advocacy and community education and supports disability self help groups.