Villamanta is a Victorian Community Legal Centre that works only on disability related legal issues. Our main purpose is to make sure that people in Victoria who have a disability can know about the law, and can use the law, to help get their rights. We work mostly for people who have an intellectual disability or cognitive impairment.

Villamanta’s mission is to protect and advance the rights of Victorians with a disability by advising, informing and representing them and acting as an advocate on disability related legal and justice issues.

Villamanta’s vision is to be recognised as a leading provider of legal and justice related services for people with an intellectual disability and through our work, significantly contribute to creating an environment in Victoria in which people with a disability are acknowledged, recognised and respected equally with other Victorians and do not face discrimination.

Our freecall Legal Advice Line is: 1800 014 111 from 1.00 pm–3.00 pm on Monday–Friday.

Contact Details:


244 Latrobe Terrace GEELONG WEST VIC 3218


1800 014 111


[email protected]