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Thursday 18th July, 2024
Online via Zoom

CALD people with disability, as a cohort, are at higher risk of experiencing violence and abuse when compared to the general population of people with disability. They are also less…

Thursday 21st December, 2023
In this Advance Your Advocacy Practice panel session representatives from Victoria Legal Aid and Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service provide information about protecting the rights of tenants in disability accommodation
Tuesday 18th July, 2023
Many people with disabilities face barriers in accessing systems and are treated unfairly. But when is it simply unfair or unjust treatment, and when is it unlawful? Is it
Wednesday 26th April, 2023
The Charter was released in February 2023 and aims to improve outcomes for parents and carers with disabilities who come into contact with Child Protection in Victoria. The Charter recognises
Tuesday 27th September, 2022
Disability Advocates are highly likely to identify family violence or receive disclosures of experiences of violence in their work. Rates of violence against people with disabilities are around twice as
When COVID-19 arrived on Australian shores in 2019, people with disability knew that they would be adversely affected.  But their very real concerns were ignored which heightened the level of
Wednesday 2nd March, 2022
On International Day of People with Disability 3 December 2021, Australia’s new Disability Strategy was released with an initial investment of $250 million over the life of the strategy.  The
Wednesday 27th October, 2021
Attitudes are linked to disability-based discrimination and social exclusion, which in turn impact the health and wellbeing of people with disability. The Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health
Thursday 28th October, 2021
The way we think about housing has changed rapidly with the development of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), and in relation to supports, Supported Independent Living (SIL). Join Jamie-Lee Dwyer, Belinda
Tuesday 26th October, 2021
Respect for home and family is recognised as a right for people with disability under the United Nations Convention on the rights of Persons with Disability. Yet all too often,
Wednesday 9th June, 2021
Dr Elizabeth Hudson presents the findings from her PhD research Which involved exploring the experiences of people with psychosocial disability during transition to the NDIS. She discovered that system-level structural
Tuesday 8th June, 2021
James Latham from Department of Justice and Community Safety is joined by Bronwyn Trickett, an Advocate from Action for More Independence and Dignity in Accommodation (AMIDA), and together they provide