Ableism and Disability Models

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Guardian Australia
Monday 8th July, 2024

As disabled actors fight for authentic casting, there are still complex impediments to access – and, says Prisoner alumna Kate Hood, ‘we see cripping up all the time’.

Youth Disability Advocacy Network (YDAN)
Friday 3rd May, 2024

The Youth Disability Advocacy Network (YDAN) have a new online self-advocacy publication ‘Disabled Enough?’.

The Age
Thursday 1st February, 2024

When comedian Adam Hills, who was born without a right foot, was a child, doctors advised his parents, Bob and Judy, not to rush to his aid when he fell…

Thursday 7th December, 2023

After a mighty amount of work from disabled people and their families, supporters and allies, the NDIS came into being more than a decade ago. But has the exclusion and…

ABC News
Tuesday 5th December, 2023

I’m Aaron Ducker, an autistic magician. Let me tell you about something that happened a couple of years ago. I walked out onto the stage just as I would any…

ABC News
Tuesday 5th December, 2023

Lawyer Giancarlo De Vera says International Day for People with Disabilities is a day for people with disability to ‘celebrate our humanity’.

ABC News
Wednesday 29th November, 2023

It’s one of society’s biggest “isms”. But according to disability advocates, ableism is still all-too-common and often remains unchallenged.

ABC News
Friday 24th November, 2023

I stumbled into comedy in 2019. I enrolled in a six-week workshop in Byron Bay, to challenge myself creatively. In the first week, the teacher asked why we were there….

Cerebral Palsy Support Network
Friday 8th September, 2023
Monday 1st January, 2024

Ableism can occur with strangers or people you know, such as family and friends. We are a group of researchers with and without cerebral palsy. We wish to find out…

ABC News
Sunday 3rd September, 2023

Dating can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for anyone, but if you’ve got a disability, the barriers can be much higher. Just ask Jerusha Mather. The biomedical student with…

Harper's Bazaar Australia
Friday 28th July, 2023
When it comes to personal disability pride, my feelings are mixed. While I have immense pride in who I am, I also find it hard to celebrate or feel accepted
Karan Nagrani, as told to Carol Rääbus
ABC Everyday
Thursday 13th July, 2023
There's a lot of pressure on disability advocates to be mentally strong all the time. As a content creator, there's this self-inflicted pressure to be happy. I took on