Decision Support & Choices

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Living with Disability Research Centre
LaTrobe University
Friday 1st November, 2019
Being able to participate in making decisions is a basic human right. The foundation of current approaches to providing support for decision making are that everyone has the right to
Office of the Public Advocate
Monday 21st June, 2021
This guide has been created to help you put in place some safeguards to ensure the person with disability you care for is properly provided for, if something were to
Thursday 4th March, 2021
Advocates stand alongside the person with disability to make sure that their voices are heard in all matters that affect them. However, skilling up people with disabilities to utilise choice
Disability Support Guide
Monday 14th December, 2020
For many Victorians with disability, the right to choose where they live and who they live with is so constrained that they are left feeling unsafe and fearful in their
Disability Royal Commission
Wednesday 30th September, 2020
The Royal Commission held a public hearing in Melbourne from Monday 2 December to Friday 6 December 2019. It inquired into homes and living for people with disability in Victoria and particularly the experiences
Sally Coddington
Disability Service Consulting (DSC)
Wednesday 19th August, 2020
In 2019, the NDIA adopted a Supported Decision Making Framework which details, among other things, strategies to strengthen decision making supports. In reality, the low expectations of the decision-making ability of