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Early Childhood Intervention Australia Victoria/Tasmania
Thursday 30th May, 2024

ECIA VIC/TAS welcomes the budget’s investments to make schools and early learning more accessible for students with disabilities, to help families navigate the complex support system, and to provide support…

Guardian Australia
Tuesday 7th May, 2024

The education minister, Jason Clare, has said the next national agreement on school reform will be tied to improved outcomes for students with disabilities, amid a split with the states…

Guardian Australia
Saturday 4th May, 2024

This is not an easy fix, but our schools should be safe places where students grow and learn together.

The Guardian
Monday 29th April, 2024

Exclusive: New data shows children with disabilities at wealthy fee-paying schools are receiving up to six times the government support funding as those at public schools

The Guardian
Thursday 2nd May, 2024

Classrooms must be places of learning not conflict, where each child’s individual needs are understood and supported.

Guardian Australia
Monday 29th April, 2024

Almost a million Australian schoolchildren now have a disability – that’s one in four enrolments. Parents, teachers and advocates say education is at crisis point

Guardian Australia
Friday 19th April, 2024

The pandemic showed that remote learning is effective. It’s absurd that universities are going back to processes that exclude us

ABC News
Wednesday 20th March, 2024

Nothing can hold 11-year-old Jamahl Ali back. The caring and confident student enjoys school, has lots of friends and is school captain this year, but it’s been a long journey…

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Friday 9th February, 2024
Friday 23rd February, 2024

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is a statutory authority serving both government and Non-Government education institutions. The VCAA is responsible for providing high quality curriculum, assessment and reporting…

Guardian Australia
Tuesday 30th January, 2024

A leading autism researcher who has been appointed to join the national board overseeing school funding arrangements says Australian children with disabilities are “struggling now more than ever” and urgent…

Association Children with Disability
Wednesday 24th January, 2024

The new school year is about to start, and you may have questions and concerns about how best to support your child and work with the school. For support and…

ABC News
Tuesday 28th November, 2023

Felix Waiss doesn’t speak, but he’s learning to communicate in his own way. By pushing icons on a device, the non-verbal four-year-old is figuring out how to formulate sentences and express…