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National Disability Data Asset
Thursday 8th December, 2022
The National Disability Data Asset (NDDA) aims to connect data about people with disability in Australia together, including information about health, employment and support services. The test pilot was
Danielle Kutchel
Tuesday 8th November, 2022
Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth has signalled that she will continue to work across her diverse portfolio to get outcomes for those who need it, while also pointing to
Elly Desmarchelier
Tuesday 25th October, 2022
For nine years, people with disability not only didn’t get an invitation to the party, too often, we were on the menu. Carved up in the name of “fiscal sustainability”.
Victoria Office of the Public Advocate
Friday 19th August, 2022

This report draws on de-identified stories that starkly illustrate the impact of the system failures on adults who are at-risk. It identifies gaps and failures in the current framework and…

Rick Morton
The Saturday Paper
Saturday 6th August, 2022
Disabled students in public schools are missing out on $600 million a year, because of onerous and unfair funding arrangements.
Anna Christian
Disability support Guide
Tuesday 5th July, 2022
Factors drawn from the data that could contribute to a person with disability’s lower level of satisfaction in life include health, wellbeing, financial stress, social isolation and lack of employment
Max Boddy
World Socialist Website
Sunday 19th June, 2022
Statements by the recently-installed Labor government’s minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Bill Shorten, make it plain that plans are being drawn up to reduce spending on the
Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health
Tuesday 14th June, 2022
Measuring inequality is essential for identifying the barriers faced by people with disability in exercising their human rights. Evidence of disability-related inequalities can inform action to remove barriers and reduce
SBS News
Sunday 12th June, 2022
News Corp newspapers report that fraudsters are ripping off the scheme by as much as $1.45 billion a year, a program that is already seeing costs ballooning. "I think
Chris Coombes
Wednesday 8th June, 2022
If you work in the NDIS sector and happen not to live under a rock, chances are you’ve encountered some chatter about Scheme sustainability. With the change in government, the
Department of Social Services Ministers
media release
Thursday 7th April, 2022
The Morrison Government will invest $100 million over three years to ensure people with disability continue to have access to advocacy and legal support.  From 1 July 2022, more than
Department of Social Services (DSS)
Friday 11th February, 2022
At their August 2021 meeting, Disability Ministers directed work be undertaken to understand cost drivers and underpinning assumptions in the Scheme Actuary’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Annual Financial Sustainability