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Fran Kelly
ABC RN Breakfast
Monday 3rd August, 2020
In an historic new partnership between government and indigenous organisations, the Closing the Gap program is undergoing a major reset. A key Indigenous group is disappointed that disability has not been
Rebecca St Clair
Disability Support Guide
Tuesday 7th July, 2020
Data is an important element for measuring the scale of abuse and violence faced by people with disability in Australia, but there isn’t enough available, researchers say.
Luke Michael
Pro Bono News
Wednesday 10th June, 2020
People with disability are facing financial hardship and going days without food during the COVID-19 pandemic, new research reveals.  A survey from People with Disability Australia (PWDA) found that nine
Finbar O'Mallon
Canbrra Times
Monday 8th June, 2020
NDIS Minister Stuart Robert is planning to introduce the proposed powers to federal parliament within the next two weeks. The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission would be able to draw on
Helen Dickinson, Sophie Yates
Children and Young People with Disability Australia
Friday 29th May, 2020
The main message of this report is that urgent action is needed to attend to the many inequities that people with disability and their families and carers face on a
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Friday 22nd May, 2020
In 2018–19, about 230,000 people used disability support services funded under the National Disability Agreement (NDA). Of these, 68% used the Australian Government’s open employment services. During the year, about
People with Disability Australia
Friday 5th June, 2020
Australians with disability represent some of the most excluded of all Australians in relation to the impacts of coronavirus. At the same time, many people with disability are particularly at
Maggie Coggan
Pro Bono News
Tuesday 2nd June, 2020
Lead researcher Professor Simon Darcy said this was because people with disability felt they had no choice but to start their own business in order to work, setting their own
Carolyn Webb
The Age
Wednesday 27th May, 2020
Mary Sayers, CYDA's chief executive, said that ‘‘all responses to a crisis such as COVID-19 must be designed to avoid creating further educational and social disconnection and inequality’’.
Maggie Coggan
Pro Bono News
Wednesday 20th May, 2020
The Mission Australia Youth Survey has taken a disability lens to its data for the first time Young people with disability are more likely to report poor mental health and
Disability Intermediaries Australia
Thursday 30th April, 2020
This inaugural flagship report for the Intermediaries Sector exposes challenges within the operating and policy environment and features the results from the inaugural Intermediary Sector Survey which 461 intermediary service providers responded to.
SBS News
Wednesday 13th May, 2020
Some urgent changes are needed to help Australians with disabilities live independently at home, a report by a bipartisan parliamentary committee says.