Human Rights

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Nicole Lee
Wednesday 18th September, 2019
Women’s reproductive rights are a tough enough topic for any female-identifying person in the 21st century. For the disability community though, they raise a whole different set of issues.
RN Breakfast
Tuesday 10th September, 2019
An Australian delegation has travelled to Geneva to highlight concerns about the lack of support services for people with a disability in this country. The group will address a United Nations
Thursday 12th September, 2019
A group of Australians with disabilities have travelled to Geneva to tell a UN committee about their experiences of discrimination and call on the government for more support for the
Judith Ireland
Saturday 7th September, 2019

Four of Australia’s major disability groups argue the NDIS needs a “sexuality policy” to cover a broad range of needs such as adaptive sex toys, services from sex workers and…

Judy Skatssoon
Australia Ageing Agenda
Thursday 5th September, 2019
The position statement released by Disabled Peoples’ Organisations (DPO) demands a comprehensive national policy on sexuality and the NDIS, saying “governments have an obligation to ensure people with disability can
Mirage News
Wednesday 28th August, 2019
Historically people with disability have been subjected to societal beliefs that we are either asexual or hypersexual, while constantly being denied full autonomy over our own bodies.
Big Ideas
ABC Radio National
Thursday 15th August, 2019
Jenny Macklin held many social policy portfolios over her long political career. As Minister for Disability Reform in the Gillard government she ushered in the NDIS. Jenny talks about the process of
Tom Stayner
Sunday 4th August, 2019
Women with Disabilities Australia executive director Carolyn Frohmader said Australia's most vulnerable continue to face unacceptable barriers. “There's widespread hardship, discrimination, violence and poverty, they face these every day,” she said.
John Pring
Disability News Service
Thursday 18th July, 2019
The launch of No Limits: The Disabled People’s Movement, A Radical History, took place last Friday (12 July), and was attended by its author, Judy Hunt, on the 40th anniversary
Luke Michael
Pro Bono News
Friday 12th July, 2019
The Administrative Appeals Tribunal this week ruled in favour of a woman with multiple sclerosis who applied for sex therapy funding in her NDIS plan, but was refused by the
Norman Hermant and Emily Clark
ABC Online
Thursday 11th July, 2019
For the first time, a person with a disability has won the right to have a sex therapist paid for under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), but advocates say
Luke Michael
Pro Bono News
Wednesday 12th June, 2019
UN Secretary-General António Guterres told this week’s conference on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that inclusion was not only a fundamental human right, but central to