Policy reform

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ABC News
Thursday 27th June, 2024

NDIS Minister Bill Shorten has sought to reassure the disability community that it would get input into the design of a reformed National Disability Insurance Scheme, amid concerns that fundamental…

Guardian Australia
Wednesday 26th June, 2024

Bill Shorten has accused the Coalition of a “disingenuous” and “lazy” decision on NDIS reforms, after the opposition proposed to team up with the Greens to delay a bill set…

SBS News
Thursday 6th June, 2024

Laws that will enable sweeping reforms to the National Disability Insurance Scheme have passed the lower house as the government looks to claw back $14 billion from the scheme over…

National Disability Services
Friday 24th May, 2024

In a webinar today the NDIS Provider and Worker Registration Taskforce shared their preliminary thinking on the future of provider and worker regulation and sought feedback on three of their…

Summer Foundation
Tuesday 21st May, 2024

On this episode of Reasonable & Necessary, Dr George meets with Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John to understand his position on the changes to the NDIS legislation that are currently before…

Northern Daily Leader
Wednesday 22nd May, 2024

Looming changes to the NDIS will lead to “homogenising” people with disabilities and ignore individual needs for support, advocacy groups warn. Laws before federal parliament seeking to overhaul parts of…

Friday 17th May, 2024

People with disability are too often seen as problems to be solved, rather than the problem-solvers with agency to act.

Friday 10th May, 2024

Chris Coombes from DSC explores the proposed new NDIS Bill, including: changes to access, how the NDIA will respond to plan over- or under- spending, what will be a reviewable…

Summer Foundation
Thursday 18th April, 2024

On this episode of Reasonable & Necessary, Dr George meets with disability law experts Mitchell Skipsey, and Dr. Darren O’Donovan to understand the changes to the NDIS Act.

The Saturday Paper
Saturday 13th April, 2024

On the eve of Autism Acceptance Month, the clue to 30-down in the Hobart Mercury’s giant crossword was “competent”. The four-letter answer was “able”. It got me thinking about how…

Engage DSS
Monday 4th March, 2024

The Government want your feedback on the draft National Autism Strategy. This is a draft Strategy which has not yet been agreed by Government. Following feedback through the public consultation…

Sky News
Sunday 31st March, 2024

Sky News host Danica De Giorgio says the way Australians with disabilities access the NDIS is “said to be overhauled”. Ms De Giorgio said the overhaul will be done “under…