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Guardian Australia
Friday 12th July, 2024

Disabled people are once again being kicked around in a game of ideological football. This week the minister for the NDIS, Bill Shorten, ruled out the use of sex work…

Darrren O'Donovan
Mirage News
Saturday 13th July, 2024

Following the release of a review into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) late last year, reform is on the cards for the scheme in 2024. The first step, the…

ABC News
Sunday 7th July, 2024

Sex work will be banned from being funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme under NDIS Minister Bill Shorten’s planned reforms, the minister has confirmed. The decision to exclude sex…

ABC News
Thursday 27th June, 2024

NDIS Minister Bill Shorten has sought to reassure the disability community that it would get input into the design of a reformed National Disability Insurance Scheme, amid concerns that fundamental…

ABC News
Wednesday 26th June, 2024

Disability advocates and groups are urging the federal government to listen to criticisms of its legislation changing the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and make further amendments to its “NDIS back…

Guardian Australia
Wednesday 26th June, 2024

Bill Shorten has accused the Coalition of a “disingenuous” and “lazy” decision on NDIS reforms, after the opposition proposed to team up with the Greens to delay a bill set…

ABC News
Sunday 23rd June, 2024

Audrey Wallace loves unicorns almost as much as she adores her little sister Amari. But for the past six weeks, parents Justin and Ashlee Wallace have been adjusting to the…

Summer Foundation
Tuesday 18th June, 2024

On this episode of Reasonable & Necessary, Dr George meets with disability rights advocate El Gibbs and disability law expert Mitchell Skipsey to discuss the NDIS Bill, the recent amendments…

ABC News
Thursday 13th June, 2024

Federal Minister Bill Shorten is in New York spruiking Australia’s expertise with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Australia’s a pioneer with this type of scheme – which directly funds people…

SBS News
Thursday 6th June, 2024

Laws that will enable sweeping reforms to the National Disability Insurance Scheme have passed the lower house as the government looks to claw back $14 billion from the scheme over…

ABC News
Thursday 6th June, 2024

The federal government is committing to work further with the disability community to design changes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is increasing funding for organisations representing people with…

The Saturday Paper
Saturday 1st June, 2024

Bill Shorten’s reform of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, forecast to cut $14.4 billion in growth over the next five years, reanimates critical elements of the previous Coalition government’s failed…