Ep06: Human rights and disability

Together, the United Nations Convention, plus Australian and State legislation and policies, create a robust regulatory framework to protect the human rights of people with disabilities. In addition, organisations that advocate for and provide services to people with disabilities are instrumental in helping to ensure that they can – and do – exercise their rights.

Despite this, there are still many challenges to ensuring the fulfilment of everyday rights for people with disabilities, particularly those with cognitive and mental impairments, and vulnerable groups such as women, remote communities and indigenous peoples, especially in these challenging times with COVID19.

On this episode, guests include:

  • Leah Van Poppel, CEO,  Women with Disabilities Victoria; and
  • Isabel Calvert, ermha365’s Social Policy and Advocacy Advisory and former Social Policy Adviser in the United Nations Disability Program,
Human Rights
Get Real Podcast
Wednesday 3rd June, 2020

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