Mentors wanted for Enabling Young Women Mentor Program

In 2023, WDV began our first ever state-wide Enabling Young Women Leadership Program! 

This Program empowers young women and non-binary youth with disabilities, to become stronger leaders within their communities. 

Participants have been focusing on:

  • Exploring identity. 
  • Learning about different models of disability. 
  • Communication, and how to be assertive. 
  • Learning about their human rights, and in particular 
  • Rights to safety and respect, and the impacts of violence. 
  • Building self-esteem and confidence. 
  • Reflecting on and developing strengths. 
  • Expanding connections and networks. 
  • Being an advocate. 

For the next phase of the Program, participants will work towards a leadership goal.  

WDV is seeking Mentors to be part of our Enabling Young Women (EYW) Mentor Program, to utilize their knowledge and skills to support a participant as they work towards their goal. 

Mentors will be women or non-binary people, with or without disability, aged 18+

For more information: 

Please click here or contact our Youth Projects team 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: Bridget on 03 9286 7813

Women with Disabilities Australia
Wednesday 21st February, 2024
Sunday 3rd March, 2024

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