Rapid Evidence Review: Violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability

The report examines existing research to gain a better understanding of both risk and protective factors relating to why some members of society cause harm to people with disability. A rapid review process was used to identify 168 papers in the peer-reviewed literature.

The researchers found that the majority of studies focused on the risks for people with disability while only few looked at the risk factors which enable perpetrators, or systemic issues that enable violence.

The research tends to point out the ways in which people with disability struggle within existing systems, rather than identifying the ways in which people closest to the person with disability may contribute to harm. These may be carers, family members, educators, healthcare staff, those in the legal system and other professionals.

‘Few to no studies examined the role of perpetrators and the systemic factors that enable the perpetrators to target people with disabilities, often repeatedly,’ the report concludes.

Disability Royal Commission
Tuesday 24th August, 2021

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