Patrick McGee

Patrick has been working in the field of disability for twenty-four years starting out in a government run institution for people with an intellectual disability in 1988. During this period, Patrick completed a certificate in mental retardation nursing. Following this, Patrick continued to work with people with disabilities in the areas of homelessness and with Aboriginal communities in Central Australia. After volunteering in India and Nepal, Patrick returned to Australia and began working as a guardian/advocate with the Victorian Office of the Public Advocate where he is currently employed. Patrick is currently the coordinator of the Aboriginal Disability Justice Campaign, which is advocating for a change to policy and practice for Aboriginal people indefinitely incarcerated in jails across the country. Patrick graduated from Melbourne University in 2009 with a graduate diploma in Professional and Applied Ethics and is currently completing a Masters in Professional and Applied Ethics.


Criminal justice system and people with disability

Time: 3:00am - 4:00am

Location: Yellow Room

In spite of law reform efforts to strengthen the rights of victims of crime who have a cognitive impairment, there are still significant barriers in prosecuting these cases.