PUSH messages

DARU has developed a preliminary matrix of messages for further development and discussion  and they form the content of this document.

The work of disability advocacy organisations is not always well understood nor valued highly enough.  It is important that the sector develops and uses consistent messaging across all stakeholder groups from Government to people with disabilities to the general public to achieve ‘cut- through’, connect with the people that matter and above all, have important core messages ‘heard’ in a meaningful and effective way.

These messages have been developed in the PUSH© model of key messaging as a framework that all disability advocacy organisations can learn to further contribute and develop key messages.


The strategic objectives for stakeholder communications in the disability advocacy sector are:

  • To maintain government funding for the disability advocacy services sector and its support organisations.
  • To promote the services of disability advocacy in an understandable way so the sector is valued by the key stakeholders; people with disability, the government and the general public.
  • To raise the awareness of the existence of disability advocacy services and why they are an important sector in our community.


The communication objectives in using the following messages are:

  • To encourage the disability advocacy organisations to use consistent messaging for cut- through and connection.
    To have the messages heard, understood and acted on.
    To have stakeholders, such as the media, come to the sector as the “got-to” expert resource for sector representative media interviews.
    To add credibility to the sector stakeholders communications as informed, available, and smart spokespeople who are available and engaging communicators.



PUSH© is a media (and general) communications model to construct influential messages which will give media (and other stakeholders) messages and quotes that really work.


P = POINT  – a simple statement that should be the essence of what you are saying


U = UNDERPIN – with proof so that sceptics (incl. media) and the audience in general believe the point you have made. Can be statistics, examples, research or evidence backing up the point. The underpinning should have approximately three points of backing ‘evidence’

(So what that means is ….

S = SO WHAT  – the part where you go the extra step – it’s the wrap up or summary of the Point and the Underpinnings and do the interpretation for the audience. Reinforce the aims you’ve identified and bring the data and the point to life.

H = HAMMER it HOME is relevant to the delivery of messages and skillful performance doing that. It refers to repetition and is about repeating the parts of your message – your point, your underpinnings and  the So What? so they are continually reinforced.  It is useful when doing media interviews or engaging in public or stakeholder forums. Repetition is the best way of maximising the opportunity presented to cut through and be heard.


Tip: When starting to use PUSH©, try inserting the word ‘because’ or ‘how’ between the ‘point’ and the ‘underpin’ and the words ‘so what that means’ between the ‘underpin’ and the ‘so what’ as a reminder of the way it works.