PUSH #1: Why should the Government fund disability advocacy?

The letter "P" for point


The Victorian Government needs to continue to fund disability advocacy.




The letter "U" for underpin

  • Over one million Victorians with a disability need a voice.
  • The investment from Government is negligible – around $2 per person! The Victorian Government currently invests $2.4 million on disability advocacy.
  • 90% of Australian women with an intellectual disability have been sexually abused: Two thirds of those aged under 18 have experienced physical abuse, according to VicHealth estimates
  • Survey of nearly 400 family violence agencies found that one quarter of women and girls with a disability are physically abused in their homes.


the letter "S" for so what?


Funding disability advocacy is a small investment for government but it has a large impact on the daily life of a person with a disability.





the letter "H" for hammer it home


The investment from Government for disability advocacy is a small cost for such a large return.