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Department Health and Human Services
Friday 10th February, 2023

The Charter aims to improve outcomes for parents and carers with disabilities who come into contact with Child Protection in Victoria. The Charter recognises that parents and carers have the…

Department of Justice
State of Victoria
Sunday 1st March, 2020

The Act provides a more modern framework for the appointment of a guardian or administrator and statutory recognition for supported decision making. A guardian can make personal and lifestyle decisions for…

state of Victoria
This Act provides for the voluntary registration of disability workers and students, and the regulation of registered and unregistered disability workers.
Department of Justice and Community Safety
State of Victoria
Friday 23rd April, 2010
This legislation protects people from discrimination on the basis of their individual attributes in certain areas of public life, and provides redress for people who have been discriminated against. It
Department of Education
State of Victoria
Thursday 17th November, 2022
The Disability Inclusion Profile and surrounding process is designed to helps schools and families identify the strengths, functional needs, and educational adjustments schools can make to assist students with disability and
Victoria Senior Practitioner
Tuesday 22nd February, 2022
The directions provides guidelines and standards for the use of physical restraint which must be complied with by disability service providers and registered NDIS providers as part of Victoria’s authorisation
Victoria Government
Thursday 10th March, 2022
The state disability plan (2022–2026) is Victoria's plan for making things fairer for people with disability. The plan is a key way for the Victorian Government to be accountable for
Victorian Disability Workers Commission
Sate of Victoria
Friday 5th June, 2020

The Code sets out the obligations that all Victorian disability workers must abide by and provides a standard to protect people with disability from harm and abuse. The Code is…

Victoria Public Sector Commission
Victorian Government
Tuesday 9th October, 2018
Sunday 30th November, 2025
More Victorians living with disability will be supported to create a meaningful career in the public sector, as part of the state’s first disability employment action plan launched today.
State of Victoria
Tuesday 23rd July, 2024
The Charter is a Victorian law that sets out the basic rights, freedoms and responsibilities of all people in Victoria.  There is twenty fundamental human rights protected under the Charter
State of victoria
Thursday 5th September, 2013

On 5 March 2013, the Law Reform Committee tabled its report on the Inquiry into Access to and Interaction with the Justice System by People with an Intellectual Disability and…

State of Victoria
Tuesday 23rd July, 2024

The purpose of this Act is to: maximise safety for children and adults who have experienced family violence prevent and reduce family violence to the greatest extent possible; promote the…