Disability Inclusion Profile: Strengthening inclusion in schools

The Disability Inclusion Profile and surrounding process is designed to helps schools and families identify the strengths, functional needs, and educational adjustments schools can make to assist students with disability and additional learning needs.  The profile is part of a broader package to strengthen inclusive education across the school system.

The profile and surrounding process is designed to:

  • help schools and families identify functional needs and adjustments for students with disability
  • inform individual education plans (IEPs), the learning goals for students, and school-wide planning
  • determine Disability Inclusion Tier 3 student-level funding allocations to support schools to deliver adjustments for individual students with complex and high needs.

Schools must make reasonable adjustments to ensure that students with disability can access and participate in education on the same basis as students without disability, regardless of the availability of additional funding.

Department of Education
State of Victoria
Thursday 17th November, 2022

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