Action Plan

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Department of Social Services (DSS)
Friday 16th June, 2023
The new National Disability Advocacy Framework 2023-2025 (NDAF) and associated Disability Advocacy Work Plan were endorsed by Disability Ministers on 21 April 2023.  They were developed by the Australian, state
Victoria Government
Thursday 10th March, 2022
The state disability plan (2022–2026) is Victoria's plan for making things fairer for people with disability. The plan is a key way for the Victorian Government to be accountable for
Department of Health
Government of Australia
Sunday 19th April, 2020
The Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for Novel Coronavirus guides the Australian health sector response. This management and operational plan focuses on people with disability.
Victoria Public Sector Commission
Victorian Government
Tuesday 9th October, 2018
Sunday 30th November, 2025
More Victorians living with disability will be supported to create a meaningful career in the public sector, as part of the state’s first disability employment action plan launched today.