Adaptive Aids

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The Conversation
Saturday 6th July, 2024

You might have heard that artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize everything, save the world and give everyone superhuman powers. Alternatively, you might have heard that it will take your…

CPActive and Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Monday 2nd October, 2023
Saturday 7th October, 2023

World Cerebral Palsy Day is coming next week on Friday 6 October! There are over 17 million people with cerebral palsy and over 1 billion people who live with some…

Swinburne News
Thursday 18th May, 2023
As a practicing Occupational Therapist with a background in adult rehabilitation, Hana saw that clients using assistive technologies were unhappy with the impact the technology was having on their lives.
Libby Callaway and Natasha Layton
The Conversation
Tuesday 16th May, 2023

Risks include restricting product selection or inadvertent market price fixing. It also means the government may wind up with a warehouse full of equipment waiting to be matched to a…

Nas Campanella, Evan Young and Mary Lloyd
Friday 5th May, 2023
But replacing her worn-out cushion was far from a simple process.  "I was accepted onto the scheme for my cerebral palsy. The NDIA knows I have cerebral palsy. They know
Brandon How
Wednesday 19th April, 2023
Government Services minister Bill Shorten has called for the greater use of data and automation in National Disability Insurance Scheme assessments as long as an “ethical framework” is in place.
Jeremy Nadel
Wednesday 19th April, 2023
Shorten said there was no inherent issue with using automation technology and data analysis in NDIS operations, as long as it was used ethically and transparently.  "Automation and using data
Yonah Welker
World Economic forum
Monday 17th April, 2023
However, existing social bias, historical exclusion and insufficient research and data sets pose a challenge for the successful development and implementation of cognitive diversity policies.
Emily Henderson
News Medical
Friday 28th October, 2022
When microaggressions occur in live settings, they are often ephemeral, with few bystanders. "When they happen on social media platforms, it's happening in front of a large audience – the
Brent Woolgar
Monday 3rd October, 2022
In an NDIS environment where plan cuts are commonplace, low- and mid-cost assistive technology (AT) is a secret weapon for saving money and increasing people’s independence. Done right: it’s a
Mirage News
Wednesday 28th September, 2022
Minister Shorten said home and living supports remained a focus of the Government and was a key issue discussed at recent meetings with state and territory disability ministers. The
Marie Johnson
Innovation Aus
Wednesday 10th August, 2022
The NDIS eMarket did not proceed. This is an appalling situation. Instead, what the Australian community has been left with is a cadaverous, inert and incomprehensible spreadsheet which is