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Monday 13th May, 2024

The Victorian 2024-25 State budget was delivered on Tuesday 7th May 2024. The theme for this year’s state budget was around Helping Families– making sensible decisions to relieve the cost…

Tuesday 30th April, 2024

The NDIA has released the NDIS Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CALD) Strategy and Action Plan 2024-2028 to better support people with a disability from all cultural and language backgrounds. The…

Mirage News
Thursday 11th April, 2024

More Victorians with a disability will get the peer support they need thanks to the Allan Labor Government’s Disability Self-Help Grants Program. Minister for Disability Lizzie Blandthorn today visited Sunspec…

Wednesday 27th March, 2024

The Speak My Language (Disability) program continues to share important conversations about living well with disability. Through our partnership with 3ZZZ, 3CR, and Cherry Radio, there have been more than…

Natasha Johnson
Tuesday 15th August, 2023
"Disability does not mean inability. It means, in fact, you come at the world in different ways. Disability makes us very creative, very imaginative, funny and quirky and
Finn McHugh
Wednesday 9th August, 2023
The Greens are pushing to scrap an "unconscionable" policy that means migrant families face deportation if a child in that family was born with a disability. The Disability Act
Elizabeth Wright
Saturday 12th August, 2023
Mackenzie Arnold has won millions of fans across the country thanks to her star turn as the Matildas goalkeeper at the Women's World Cup.  But what many new fans might
Imogen Kars
Friday 11th August, 2023
Just like every adventure, disabled travel varies from person to person; from trip to trip; and even from day to day. Sometimes, the vast chasm of ability can even shift
Viki Ntafillis
Thursday 20th June, 2024
"It's getting me out … from where I live to what I call normal employment for someone semi-retired," Anthony said.  Anthony, who lives with a disability, said he has gained
Brimbank & North West - Star Weekly
Tuesday 11th July, 2023

Larissa MacFarlane acquired a brain injury 24 years ago which she said allowed her to become the artist she is today.  The month of July is Disability Pride Month which…

Amanda Tink and Jessica White
The Mandarin
Wednesday 12th July, 2023
Most of us know Henry Lawson and Judith Wright are icons of Australian literature. But it’s less well-known that they were both disabled.  Lawson began to lose his hearing when
Elizabeth Wright

Accessibility for people with disabilities has been in the spotlight this year, and disability affairs reporter Elizabeth Wright looks at what FIFA is doing to ensure the World Cup is…