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ABC News
Saturday 6th April, 2024

Lynn Potter just wanted a short holiday when she booked accommodation at the Pinjarra Resort, south of Perth, in January 2024. But when she was told her guide dog Hector…

ABC News
Monday 29th January, 2024

A group of six Victorians is taking cinema chain Hoyts to court, alleging the majority of movie sessions are inaccessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing audience members. Deaf Victoria general manager…

Australian Human Rights Commission
Wednesday 29th November, 2023

The Australian Human Rights Commission welcomes the appointment of Rosemary Kayess to the role of Disability Discrimination Commissioner. “On behalf of Commissioners and staff I warmly welcome Ms Kayess to…

Law Society of NSW Journal
Wednesday 27th September, 2023

More than four million Australians live with a disability. Their rights are protected by a variety of laws, some international – like the United Nations Convention on the Rights of…

Finn McHugh
Wednesday 9th August, 2023
The Greens are pushing to scrap an "unconscionable" policy that means migrant families face deportation if a child in that family was born with a disability. The Disability Act
Josh Robertson
Wednesday 2nd August, 2023
Now, a 7.30 investigation can reveal the business is facing scrutiny over thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds it received under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The case
Tuesday 18th July, 2023
Many people with disabilities face barriers in accessing systems and are treated unfairly. But when is it simply unfair or unjust treatment, and when is it unlawful? Is it
Eleanor Beidatsch
Friday 9th June, 2023

The report reviewed more than 500 people with disabilities who have worked in the screen industry and found they routinely experienced low payment and precarious job roles — all within…

Gus McCubbing
Thursday 1st June, 2023
National Disability Insurance Scheme participants say they get charged more than double the cost for the same service an able-bodied person could get from an allied health professional, an independent
Andrew Pulrang
Tuesday 23rd May, 2023
Curbing disability discrimination in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility. And it’s unfair, though all too common, to place all of the burden on people with disabilities to absorb, defuse, or
Rameen Siddiqui
Modern Diplomacy
Sunday 14th May, 2023
Despite being the world’s largest minority, people with disabilities are often forgotten and excluded from the mainstream paradigms and mechanisms dealing with the issues of minorities. Not only they are
Danielle Kutchel
Wednesday 22nd March, 2023
An Australian-first research project has found that disabled people working in the Australian screen industry regularly face prejudice and discrimination.  Alarmingly, 77 per cent of disabled respondents reported negative impacts