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Luke Michael
Pro Bono News
Tuesday 24th August, 2021
Disability advocates have long pushed to get more people with intellectual disability into mainstream employment, given the better wages and greater sense of community involvement. But to turn things
Morwenna Collett
SBS News
Tuesday 17th August, 2021
Despite many people with disability being highly skilled with incredible stories to tell, a lack of accessible career pathways, employment opportunities and commitment to authentic representation are creating significant blockages
Denham Sadler
Innovation Aus
Friday 23rd July, 2021
“The NDIA should be a model employee for people with disability but many staff continue to experience added pressures, particularly in relation to assistive technology, and the NDIA refuses to
Timna Jacks
The Age
Sunday 27th June, 2021
Commuters who use wheelchairs are taking legal action against the Victorian government and Melbourne’s tram operator over their failure to keep pace with federal standards for accessible public transport.
Rachel Clayton
ABC News
Friday 25th June, 2021
Doctors believed hours of auditory therapy a week and a cochlear implant would allow Oliver to learn to hear and speak.   "We were told by the majority of our specialists
Emma Myers
ABC News
Monday 14th June, 2021
Trenbath says the disability employment provider seemed to only see her cerebral palsy, not her academic achievements and job skills.  "They thought that because I was disabled that I was
John Gilroy
Mirage News
Thursday 6th May, 2021
Most of the suite of independent assessment tools haven’t been rigorously tested or evaluated for their application with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. Assessment tools should be evaluated with
Jessica Longbottom
ABC News
Tuesday 23rd March, 2021
The Migration Act is one of the few pieces of legislation in Australia where it's OK to discriminate against people based on their disability. Exact data on how many children are ordered
Marie McInerneyFebruary
Sunday 21st February, 2021
A relative of an Aboriginal man with a cognitive disability who has been held in indefinite detention for 15 years has told the Disability Royal Commission he was given “shut
Eileen Baldry
The Conversation
Wednesday 17th February, 2021
In dismantling our indefinite detention system, the key is to provide more disability-focused support to those at risk of coming into contact with criminal justice systems.
Issy Orosz
Wednesday 27th January, 2021
The class of 2020 can teach us a lot about equitable education. As a disabled student finishing year 12 in 2020, I can tell you that studying through that unprecedented year
Nas Campanella and Celina Edmonds
ABC News
Wednesday 9th December, 2020
Yuri Sianski has spent the last 25 years trying to find a job — and his father has told the disability royal commission the situation is a "shameful cul-de-sac of neglect".