Calling all disabled young people

If you’re a disabled young Australian who wants to collaborate with others (and get paid for it), then you should apply for our Project Advisory Group!

In this group, you will be working as part of the @NDIS Right To Be Heard Project. This project aims to assist disabled Australians in understanding their rights and being able to raise concerns with their NDIS support and services.

In this group, you’ll be co-designing and co-creating videos, blog, music, zine, art or other creative content for a new online hub, tailored towards disabled young people, parents, carers and NDIS service providers.
You will be paid $50 per hour for up to 30 hours of work.

Applications close 9am on Monday 4th March.

Employment, NDIS
Thursday 8th February, 2024
Monday 4th March, 2024

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