Having a go: Making individualised living a reality

This home and living capacity building report is part of working to develop a new approach to home and living.  The research explores supports NDIS participants use to build their capacity to work towards their home and living goals.

The report identifies 4 key areas for action that can help participants work towards achieving their home and living goals:

  1. It is important to provide opportunities for NDIS participants to explore home and living options early, at different life stages, and with clear and accessible information.
  2. Enabling NDIS participants to have a go at trialling different options increases their confidence, and shifts expectations, and helps them to understand what best meets their needs.
  3. Formal and informal supports to build, practice and maintain skills help increase the home and living options available to participants.
  4. Flexible NDIS plans can support participants to build capacity at different stages in their life.
NDIA in partnership with Scope
Monday 17th July, 2023

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