Research – Better acknowledging and resourcing the information accessibility sector in Australia

Everyone needs information in a public health crisis or disaster event to help them know what to do to stay safe.

For people with disability, it is critical that this information is accessible and high-quality, e.g. it is thorough, timely and up-to-date.

However, recent experiences during the pandemic, bushfires and floods have shown that the organisations who make accessible information have not been well-resourced (either in money or logistical resources) to make the required accessible crisis information.

The impact of this issue has been highlighted by the findings of the Disability Royal Commission and by disability advocacy organisations. Improvements are particularly important as climate change is making extreme weather events more common and more intense, so we can expect accessible crisis information to be needed more and more often.

This research aimed to understand the situation for organisations who make accessible information, and provide recommendations for improvements, so that people with disability will have better access to accessible crisis information in future.

Centre for Social Impact
Tuesday 4th June, 2024

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