Options for Consideration

Collecting useful data:
  • Review and revise the Victorian Disability Advocacy Program quarterly data collection

Avoiding duplication errors:
  • Ensure that people are only counted once, in the most relevant category, and are not counted again in subsequent reporting.

Streamlining collection of personal characteristics:
  • Only collect personal characteristics of people receiving individual disability advocacy support
  • Provide options for recording when personal characteristics are not present, or are not identified
  • Clarify whether the intention is to collect data on sex, gender identity, or sexuality and revise this question accordingly
  • Consider recording more evenly spaced age ranges
  • Consider asking clearer questions about cultural status, such as country of birth or language spoken at home.
  • Change the method of recording geographic location to be less onerous and more consistent
  • Review the appropriateness and method of reporting types of disability
  • Consider submitting disaggregated data

Reporting advocacy issues:
  • Review the categorisation of disability advocacy issues, and provide guidance on how to interpret them
  • Explore alternative options for collecting data on systemic, group and self-advocacy
  • Consider measuring the number of ‘advocacy cases’ undertaken by disability advocacy organisations
  • Consider ways to measure service intensity, such as the length of time taken to complete advocacy cases

Reporting organisational activities:
  • Review the appropriateness and suitability of data collected on organisational activities.
  • Consider whether data can be publicly reported in aggregated form
  • Consider whether useful measures of service demand can be reported, such as data on waiting lists or requests for service.
  • Discuss options for measuring outcomes, recognising potential difficulties.

Improving data integrity:
  • Consider additional mechanisms for checking the integrity of data submitted
  • Consider electronic data submission