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Department of Social Services (DSS)
Friday 16th June, 2023
The new National Disability Advocacy Framework 2023-2025 (NDAF) and associated Disability Advocacy Work Plan were endorsed by Disability Ministers on 21 April 2023.  They were developed by the Australian, state
National Disability Insurance Agency
Wednesday 3rd May, 2023
The Supported Decision Making Policy takes a rights-based approach to assist participants to make decisions in the NDIS, while building the skills and knowledge of decision supporters, NDIA staff and
Federal Register of Legislation
Saturday 1st April, 2023
The Determination 2023 sets out the rules decision-makers must use when assessing a person’s work-related impairment for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) under the Social Security Act 1991. A number of
NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
The NDIS Rules  are legislative instruments made under the NDIS Act.  They set out the more detailed operation of the NDIS and should be read in conjunction with the NDIS
The Commonwealth, state and territory governments
Monday 17th October, 2022
The National Plan provides the foundation for a whole-of-society approach to end gender-based violence in one generation. It sets the direction for the next 10 years.  This National Plan is
Wednesday 10th August, 2022

The Operational Guideline has information about how to make a claim after receiving an approved support and outlines all types of plan management (self-managed, using a registered plan manager or…

Wednesday 29th June, 2022
Different types of home and living supports will suit different people. Specialist disability accommodation has been designed to meet the needs for people living with disability who have very high
National Disability Insurance Agency
Thursday 21st April, 2022
The National Disability Insurance Scheme Amendment (Participant Service Guarantee and Other Measures) Act 2022 passed both houses of Parliament on 30 March 2022 and received Royal Assent on 1 April
National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)
Thursday 7th April, 2022
If you’re 18 or older, you have the right to make decisions about your business with the NDIS. If you’re not able to make decisions, even with support, you
National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)
Saturday 19th March, 2022
The guidelines for vehicle modifications and driving supports has recently been updated. It includes information on which modifications and supports are funded by the NDIS and the information and assessment
Department of Social Services (DSS)
Friday 3rd December, 2021
The Strategy) is a national framework that all governments in Australia have signed up to. It sets out a plan for continuing to improve the lives of people with disability
Australia Department of Health
Friday 13th August, 2021
This roadmap aims to address serious health inequities faced by people with intellectual disability. It outlines how we can create a health system where people with intellectual disability are valued, respected and